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The Electrical Specialists in the Hauraki

Toby Adams

021 902 742

Managing Director

Toby founded Adams Electrical in 2005 when he moved to Paeroa. It wasn’t long before he had a team including Brad working alongside him and the red Adams cars became a common site on Hauraki’s streets.

Brad Auld

021 902 741

Managing Director

Brad is based in Thames and handles the operations in the surrounding areas. With over a decade in the electrical industry, Brad is the smiling electrician who you’re happy to see pull up at your door.

Konrad Williams

021 902 735

Sam Cooper

021 774 068

Max Wirihana

021 0600872

Jarred Steadman

022 0430584

Reuben Meares

022 657 9630

Timely Support

The team are organised by Roanne, with jobs transmitted directly to the workers’ phones meaning their day is planned and the most pressing jobs can be prioritised.

Innovative Ideas

Toby and Brad enjoy keeping up-to-date with the latest technologies including LED, solar power and home entertainment. If you know what you want, they can make it happen.

Clear Communication

There’s nothing worse than having a contractor who doesn’t communicate. Adams Electrical commits to clear and concise information delivered at all times.

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